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i feel like if i ever receive bad news i’d like it to be just after i came and am still kinda paralysed and don’t care about anything



Fox in a Tree by Justbecausephoto



just imagine how good life would be if pizza made u have a flat stomach

She acted like it did not hurt her
But it did
And it wounded her deeply

When he decided to leave her, ecb (via eloizacoline)

I’m not going to call you, even though I want to, because it should be you calling me.
I’m not going to call you, even though I want to, because hearing your voice sends shivers down my skin and it’s already cold enough in this bed without you.
I’m not going to call you, even though I want to, because if I don’t hear you say it, I can imagine your voice waking me up tomorrow.
I’m not going to call you, even though I want to, because in 11 hours I can wake up and pretend to forget you for another 11 hours until I’m sleeping again.
I’m not going to call you, even though I need to, because maybe tomorrow you’ll see all the weight I’ve lost and the ashen color of my face from bleeding out on your doorstep.
I’m not going to call you, even though I have to, because maybe I don’t have to at all.

I don’t need you, but I want you-(k.m.)

Face it I never meant anything to you.
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i just want to hear your voice.

Breaking up with someone you love is a total mindfuck. First of all, you still love them, so why the hell are you breaking up? Second, when things happen in your life, you want to share them with that person, but they’re no longer there which is total bullshit. And third, well, third is the worst because there’s this person-shaped hole inside of you, and no matter what you do to fill this void, it remains empty, reminding you that nothing can fill it but them.
Jagger Knox Jensen (True Love Trilogy by Harper Bentley)

I think about texting you. And at first I thought that meant I was weak. But I don’t cave in to the thoughts and turns out, that’s what makes me strong.
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i always hoped my first serious relationship would be my last. I never expected to have to feel the agony of a broken heart. I guess you can never really guess when someone will stop wanting you.
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I read somewhere that human skin
sheds and regrows every 27 days.
my body has remade itself eleven times
in the months since you last touched me.

today I made a cup of coffee
and drank it outside on my balcony,
sitting on a porch swing
you have never seen.

I still have bad days, but I’m getting better.
I’m getting better.

Rachel Thompson, skin (via poemsbyrachel)


A guy is not worth holding onto if letting go of you is so easy for him to do…. Know your worth. 

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