#ootd love this tank top I bought for my birthday. It’s my favorite now!! :p

Found this photo of Jeremy and I dancing at the wedding. It’s soooo cute!!! Loveit!

All rights reserved to switzerfilms for the picture. Thanks guys!!!

Love this picture of us!!!

All rights reserved to switzerfilms for the incredible picture!!! 

Parents treated me to a birthday dinner. I of course got the best corner piece if my cake! :p thanks to @directorcsr @ladydragon_queen @gyarucupcake @lbc42 @rachelkmr  and everyone else who was there!!! ☺️🍰🎂 wonderful bday celebration in good company.

Nicolas Cage’s mausoleum is the best National Treasure~ ;D #niccage #nicolascage #neworleans #stlouiscemetery

Loved this hat!! Wish I had bought it! 👒

Jeremy has such a good eye! I love the architecture of New Orleans. The front steps, the balconies, I’m so envious of it’s beauty.

Bourbon Street through my lens. 🎉📷

Love this photo Jeremy snapped of me with the cathedral in the background.

I belong to no one
A song without an album
Long forgotten maxim spoken to the sea:
I belong with no one
I belong with no one 
I belong with no one…

You belong with me

Champs Éylsées!! Hanging out on Frenchmen’s street was so magical. There was a tiny art market that we ended up ducking into on my birthday. It was lots of fun. And then Champs Élysées started playing. It was splendid.

I found the signs everyone was talking about on tumblr. 👻

Barbie had a dream house in the French Quarter.

From our second day in Nawlins. A couple of attractive people I’d say. :3